Welcome to Krav Maga Cairns.

At Krav Maga Cairns we teach you to fight and defend yourself, not to get belts.

We are not a martial art or combat sport. We teach real self defence! Krav Maga is a self defence system based on simple principles and instinctive movements. It is designed to teach reality based self defense in the shortest possible time. You will learn how to defend against common chokes, grabs and bear hugs. If you attacker or attackers are armed with common weapons such as guns, knives, and sticks we will teach you techniques to defend yourself. Perhaps more importantly you will learn how to function and cope with the stress and shock of a sudden, violent encounter. Krav Maga’s practical approach to self defense will make you safer and improve your confidence. Lessons are structured to enhance the students’ ability to learn in a fun, safe and challenging environment. If this is not enough you also will get a great workout!!

What You Will Learn.

Defences against common attacks (strikes, grabs, holds and chokes).
Defences against weapon attacks (knife, stick & firearms)

Defences against multiple attackers

Anti kidnapping techniques
Situational Awareness

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