Gain the power to ensure your safety and confidence when faced with dangerous situations!
Discover the simplicity and proven effectiveness of Krav Maga!

Attacks happen when we least expect them, when we are most vulnerable, in areas congested with furniture and other objects, on uneven ground, in low light areas, in car parks and many other environments where we live, move through and work. With all these infinite number of variables to consider, you need to be able to adapt to all sorts of environments and situations.
Krav Maga classes focuses on attacks and life threatening situations that can occur anywhere and in an instant. You will learn to appropriately apply this easy-to-retain system for a myriad of possible situations you may find yourself in. These classes are also designed to make you stronger, fitter and tougher (physically and mentally) and adaptable.
Give yourself a fighting chance!
Start Krav Maga today and increase your physical endurance, strength and mental acuteness, to ensure you have the best chance to end your day by returning safely home.
Krav Maga teaches you how to effectively deal with:
Bear hugs
Strikes – punches & kicks
Attacks on the ground
Threats and attacks with knives
Threats and attacks with sticks
Gun threats
All common attacks