Before commencing training in the regular classes it is a requirement that new students attend an two introductory lessons (usually 1 hour each) covering Basic Combatives & Defences.
Bookings are required. Students with previous Krav Maga experience (must be proven) are not required to undergo the basic combatives lesson/s.


Regular Classes 5.30pm to 7pm located at Cairns State High School Sports Complex, Sheridan Street, Cairns. See (map). Cost is $20 per session.

Classes are run on a “month on, month off” schedule due to the instructors availability. Keep up to date via Facebook and subscribe to our email newsletter.

These classes have a focus on striking & defensive tactics skills as well as various drills and scenarios to enhance your ability to survive a violent confrontation.
At Krav Maga Cairns we deal with defences against multiple attackers, armed attackers wielding weapons such as sticks, guns & edged weapons.

Basic Combatives classes (2 classes covering striking & defences) are conducted from 7pm (usually about 1 hour per session) on Tuesday nights – bookingas are essentional!

Once both Basic Combative sessions are completed the student joins the regular class.
Cost is $60 for both Basic Combative sessions and includes a complimentary groin guard.


PRIVATE LESSONS – $60 (individual) or $40 per person (up to 4 students)

Our intensive classes are centrally located in the Cairns CBD.

Please contact us today to register your interest for our next training session.

Training sessions are held on Tuesday nights (during intensive sessions)