SPEAR System Essentials Strategies and Tactics for De-escalation – November 16, 2019


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This 8-hour course contains the ‘Essentials Elements’ of the SPEAR System. It combines crucial elements to enhance officer safety, competence and confidence during confrontation inside the reactionary gap.  Attendees will receive a certificate of completion (on top of enhancing your survivability in a real confrontation, this course may be used for CEU, profession development.)

Course content will include: 

  • Introduction to the SPEAR System
  • Rationale: Physiology & behaviour
  • The practical & tactical use of [primal] gross motor movement for defensive tactics
  • Startle Flinch Conversion Drills
  • Perception Speed/Reaction Time Drills
  • Counter Ambush Drills
  • And much more….

Because the SPEAR System is based on human movement and specifically addresses sudden violence inside the reactionary gap, this course is ideal for anyone in law enforcement.

This course is open to all law enforcement, military, corrections and first responders. Verification is required, and if you are NOT active you will not be able to attend the training.